Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I wanna....

I wanna get out from here for a while.. any suggestion dudes?

Friday, November 30, 2007

What is Success?

Still dont understand why a lot of people think rich means success *sigh...
In my life... to be honest, I never thought that you can measure success using money.
Rich people.... actually they were sacrificed a lot of things before they earned it, this including their closest or love one (trust me for this, i experienced it in my life)

Today, i learned something from my friend. In fact, he is facing financial problem now and has outstanding loan that need to be settled. Here our conversation

S :Eh, I talked to boss already about quitting
J : Really ar? so what he said?
S : As usual lo, u know our boss lah, never give up one keep motivating lo
J : Yah lo. he also talked to me last week and asked me to find out what i want in my life
S : Same lah, he also asked me to find out, but now i find what i dont want
J : What?
S: I dont want this job n this life. I told u before what I never feel happy since 2nd appointment. How about you?
J : Me ar... first I thought that money is my first priority lah. But now after I think about it, money is not everything for me and money is not what i want in the 1st place. I still searching what i want in my life ar.
S : (I really surprised when he told me money is not everything for him)

And from this conversation I learned new thing. Not all people in financial problem will think money is a problem solver in their life. I'm so glad he think that way, i really do.
I mean, he still has to find out how to get money to settle his financial problem but at least he wont assume money is everything.

Just be real, everybody like money. Even myself, I love shopping and it means i love money too. But I really hate when people take money as granted. I mean 'granted' is every every every things (you should know what i'm trying to say here)

A friend told me "success people do the things they dont like to do"
Anybody agree with this sentence? even my boss told me before. It still doesnt make sense for me. Bill Gates? Warren Buffet? Oprah? are they doing something that they dont like?

Anyway, what is success then?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Coming Back Home

Heading home this Wednesday to attend cousin's wedding
Feel happy yet not really excited

Bought some Bee Cheng Hiang back
Really have no idea what I should buy back *sigh
Found my goldish top to match with my Batik skirt for the dinner
Too bad, I dont really satisfy with the top (yeah, it was last minute shopping)

Working wise, hmnnn not really stressful (for those who know, I only work 2 days for last week *wink *wink)
Indeed, guess I'm learning to control my mind though
Have no idea why I like, super duper love, to think
From nothing I will think until it creates 'something'
Someone told me 'success people are those who like and always think' DAH!!! yg bener aja, itu bukan sukses lagi.. uda gila kali.

Love this weekend, enjoy yet tireless
Went out to our neighborhood fooling around
Taking picture and mess around inside CC (evidences are shown!!)
Spent almost 3 hours at McD discussing married life, debating how men and women should behave in the family, what lead a couple divorce and how society behave to it.

Dudes, we should spend more times to do this kind of craziness
It feels good ya!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Past 25 Years

Life that I had for the last 25 years 5 months 23 days

- Decent life, yup really decent
- Easy life. Yes, pretty easy, effortless life. Need anything just said it out, but have to say it to the right target :P ( Well well well it wont work every time though)
- Pampered too much by family. I'm blessed dudes, so blessed for it. I'm a spoil wreck!
- Run away from problems rather than solve it
- Worst come to worst, just let it go....
- Find new life as easy as blinking my eyes (take note, what I mean by this life is just a small part of my life that gave trouble to me, not my whole life like families n' buddies)
- Burdenless
- Depend my life to much and take everything that I have as granted
- Cry seems like can settle every problem (sstttsss...)
- I hate people force me to do things, even I knew thats for my own good
- Give up is so damn easy until I don't even know what 'give up' means.
- Pretty bad eh!
- Too much good life, I don't even remember when was the last time I struggled with life. Or I never have!
- Decision making, hmnnn... I barely decide for myself (*thinking hard* what big decision that I have ever made?) Any clue?

Good life eh! I really appreciate and thanks for everything that You gave me.

So, What I need and what I want to be from now on?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Not Happy

Is this life I wanted?

- Dont feel happy even closed cases
- Family and cousins visited but didnt have times for them
- Even have, mentally and physically were too tired to entertain them
- Made them worried too much
- Weekend haunted by worries
- Passed weekdays with demoralizes and uncertainties feeling
- Keep wandering why people never be satisfied
- Previous job too easy ended up felt useless and hopeless
- Current job feels too much!
- *Sigh...
- Cant stop here though
- Dont want to be a lil girl who always asked protection and kept giving silly excuses to stay in the comfort zone
- Have been moving too far, cant stop here or will become loser forever


- Still, too much (again)
- Still, cant find the bright side of everything
- Still, doing alot of readings hope to discover something useful
- Yes, it helped though, but
- Too bad, it just as instant as the thunder strike
- Friends ask ' why you have to continue if you are not happy?'
- Cant really have the answer for that

Still, waiting, searching and hoping to find the meaning of my life now

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tuing Tuing....

Weekend is here. No plans, no activities, no worries erghhh at least for the next 2 days LOL.
Feel likes going somewhere peaceful, simple, beautiful, quiet ( i must be dreaming now hahahha).

What I'm doing now is not really fun yet not torturing as well. So far, I have knocked around 2200 doors and got 194 people donate. I do not know it is a good figure to show or suckz. From the above number that shown, you all should be able to measure how thick is my face now. I welcome all rejections without trying to handle it then give a smile and walk away. Sometimes I worry one day my face will cramp because smile too much...

I don't know what should I up date now, coz I don't want to complain so much on what I'm going through right now. The bottom line is just NO turning point for me at this moment. So, everyday just looks forward for the weekends hehehhe.

One thing that I really wish I can get it now is a CAR. Funny thing is, I don't know how to drive LOL. Every time when I was traveling from east to west and standing in between of the crowd inside public transportation, I wander how nice if I have a car uihhhh.....

I think i write too much crap today. Honestly I'm freaking tired and just because tomorrow is weekend then I don't want to sleep. Weirdo eh!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Hardest Things

Confident enough by saying "I know what I'm doing" , but hell, it is not, i don't know what and why I was doing it. Damn.
"Others can do it, of course you can do it too right?" simple sentence has brilliant meaning but has none feeling for me
Fighting with my own ego, keep telling myself that I'm doing the right things, yes I'm doing the right things (yeah.. I' m not killing robbing or molesting people Dahhhh stupid).
But it just didn't work sometimes. The problem is I'M SCARE!!!!!
What the hell I'm scare of huh? I DON'T KNOW...

This is the most pathetic moment when you stand in the middle of no where and confusedly convincing yourself that you are in the right path and you should just continue to walk even your HEART has a big hesitate to do it.

Oh geez... I think this blog will fill with all of my junks.
- I don't like knocking on people door at night
- I don't like to beg people for donation
- I don't like people slam the door in front of me
- I don't like working at night, I'm damn freaking scare of dark!!!
- I don't like those stupid citizen stare and scold me like I'm a bugger (What the #$#%$, I can even buy your HDB if i want. That's my ego tell me when I stress out)

I know, I know this is a process. Just sometimes I cant take it, I really cant bare with it. I hate forcing myself do things that I don't like. Now, I'm really pushing myself to do it. Don't know where is the limit but hopefully my limit is unlimited.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Up and Down

Last few days felt fascinating, today feel empty, tomorrow may be excited.
Easy to get motivated, pretty easy to fall down as well.
Try not to complain too much, try to think positively all the time, try to show the capabilities to others. It sound easy but yet complicated.
Full of hope yesterday, disappointed today, unpredictable tomorrow.
Thought perhaps hormone change causes sadness, doubt it though.

Jealousy and selfishness lead wind become thunder.
Simple things get worse because of simple 'thing'.
Your closest one might be your enemy, your enemy might end up be your buddy.
Setting a goal may give better direction; without a clear direction, how to set a goal?
All creatures have a dream, will the dream come true? or will it be just hang around your mind?

Love what I'm doing now, will love more if know what I will do for tomorrow.
Promise is a hope, what happen if a promise just be the promise?
Not regret really no regret on what's going on now....
It just freaking hard...
Out there tried to motivate, it works though but it wont last, it just like a wind pass by, as fast as clicking the mouse.

Instead of sympathy, prefer to receive normal treatment from audiences.
Sue really knows what she is doing now, so just let her do.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Finding New Life

Been working for 1 week, not really officially working though, just training. Just a week, yah just 6 days training, I keep asking myself alot and alot of questions. I really dont know where to find the answers. I'm tired asking people opinions. It is my decision, I have to bare with it.

Actually it wasnt that bad. So far I came back from training with satisfaction and happy feeling. Just today, I feel a little bit down. I know the reason why I felt that way though. I try to motivate myself to be strong and dont concern too much on small matters. I tried, but cant. Still, small problem is still a matter for me, I cant let it go... hikz.

This morning Liza sms and asked me to join her b'day lunch on wednesday. Gosh, I cant go because I have courses that need to attend. Felt bad then promised her to have lunch together on friday instead. Then, Ci Feny asked me to come over to her place to have dinner on friday nite to celebrate Rafael's b'day, I cant go neither because I got seminar that is a 'must' and cant be cancelled.

Its bad , pretty bad. I know my lifestyle wont be same as before. Perhaps I just need to adapt and make some adjustment with it. I really scare on failing and giving up before I see any result. I hope I wont do any stupid mistake eh!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Counting Time

Passed all the tests, but the excitement has gone. Dont feel excited anymore like few weeks ago before the tests. Start work immediately, no problem, ... if they allowed me to have break, even better. As you know insurance people are 'pushy". Ooppss... I become one of them soon, die lah.....

My bad feeling towards this job:
- No more nice + 'siau' colleagues
- No more online chatting
- No more 9 - 6 working hours
- No more gym, gym and gym
- Must wear SUPER formal
- Hot hot hot + perspire + sticky eeww!!!
- Make-up is a MUST arghhhh
- Working hours weird, 2 -10 pm
- Colleague should be suckx too (i guess)
- Customer might be nasty
- Prefer me to speak mandarin, aiyo.. my mandarin like nasi campur, Mandarin + indon+hokkien+english. You think the clients will understand what I said? hohohohohoho

( so far these are the bad things that I can think of it, I will up date u all after I joined them)
Erghh... seems like I got a mission to be an undercover to find out how bad is the company instead of joining them for good reason hahahahhahahha. Whatever lah!

Then, why i decide to join them?... ??????...???? good question, why ah?
hmnnn.... 'may be' yah 'perhaps', Im just curious and I got feeling that I will learn something new from them, even I'm not sure if I can even sell 1 policy in 1 month or not hehehehehehe. Yah, I just want to know how this business works, it might be fun though. But the tests are NOT fun at all.

If I faield, I might think of be a property agent hahahhahaha.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Not Good Not Good

The tests almost make me crazy. 3 tests, failed 2, retaken 1 finally passed. This Tuesday has to retake another one. Exhausted =(

Next week is my last day with HP and Xcellink though. Well, actually from the 1st day I worked until now, Im not sure whether I belong to HP or Xcellink, whatever.... Will be having a nice last lunch with my colleagues at Holland V. A bit sad living them too =(

I started have a bit pessimist thinking eh. Am I making a right decision ``` blurrr``` yeah, that's me, thats what people say 'plin plan + nga ada pendirian yg kuat' sigh... Perhaps these 3 tests make me sick of it. Cant give up though, have been sacrifice too much, at least must give it a try (die die also have to try lah hahahaha, i learn new words in Spore). I give myself 6 months =) and I hope it enough to show if i'm capable or not.

Actually i dont really have a good reason why I join this company. Really, I dont know...
What am I doing eh? It seems like a dream, i made a huge changes only in a month i guess. Changes that I'm not even sure for it. Aiiihhhhh..... Really need an emotional support and a good guidance, wish Dalai Lama will visit Spore one day. =D

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

MC = Study

I passed my resignation letter to my manager. Surprisingly, he didnt shock w/ my decision, in fact he has expected I will leave the company soon =). He is the best manager that i knew (well he is my 1st manager too hehehe), he gave alot of advices for me to move on. He say "Its not a bad new, its a good new for me and you. Im really happy to see my staffs find out whatever right for themselves. You have to work really hard, if can you have to work 7 days a week for the first 6 months then you will see the result. Wish you all the best k'." Thanks Richard, for you support!!!

These few days very exhausted, has been studying for days and still, still alot, Hikzx. Luckily I got 2 days MC. No, I wasnt sick. I had a procedure done for my face treatment called chemical peeling treatment. The effect for the treatment pretty bad. I felt burning in my face, alot of burn scar and red mark. Somehow look like sun tan, but look more like skin diseases =( .
I went back to the doctor and he gave me 2 days MC =). Just right timing to study eh.

Overall got 3 exams that held on 15, 19 and 22 June. I better do it right. I cant imagine if i failed one of them sigh..... If I passed ( i will pass =)) I will join the company by beginning of next month. Got to go back to study now aih.....

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Move On

I'm going to give my resignation letter tomorrow. A bit nervous, but I have already set my mind. Whatever reason, i will give it a try. I bet there isnt any good life for me in the future job. Forget about msn chatting and fav youtube, I dont think i have time to see my dear roomates. Dudes.. gosip gosip waktu dinner bakal berkurang nih... hikz...

Actually I've sacrificed alot for this job. I will resign before my contract end, no year end bonus, no sweet colleagues and no funny manager. I got to pay for the MOCK exam (I have to pass this test before enter to their business) and cost me $291.60, not cheap though. I stop my japanese class with an excuse got to prepare for the month end Mock exam (i know its nothing related, stupid excuses). It means that my japanese tuition fees just walk away with an old blind man. Sigh***

I need your helps dudes, next time if I planned to learn anything, you all please stop me before i do it half way, please! For my own good and you all too. Because you will hear less complain and nag from me LOL.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Try.....

Well, I got my 2nd job interview tomorrow. Actually I've been thinking this few weeks that I need something more for my life. I did plan to go banking or property field for my next job.

It happened on tuesday nite, I dont know this is miracle in a good way or bad way. My insurance's agent called me and she need my signature that she forgot to ask me to sign previously. Ok, after work we met and signed. Chatted for a while, told her about my plan looking for new job. A bit shock when out of the blue she asked whether i got time or not coz' she can call her manager to talk to me. Then i dont know conscious or unconscious I said YES! (even I wasnt in a proper formal wear for interview, sandal + quarter jeans =))

Then we talk at HAN'S near Rafles from 7:30 - 10:00 pm. It was interesting, abit relax talk, abit interview here and there, laugh alot. Finally he asked me whether want to join him or not. Well, maybe because I've been planning to change my job and sick of office routine work, my gut tell me that I have to try, have to move on because this is the right time.

I know this is not easy job, most of my friends even my mom surprised when i told them. "Are you sure? after you became insurance agent, all your friends will run away from you." "Can you take it? you have to run outside to see clients. do you know it?" "Your routine life will change, girl" "There isnt any basic salary you know" Yeah yeah I know all about it. But I've already fixed my mind. I have nothing to lose, I will try. If I couldn't take it, the worst case I will just find back admin office job. Yeah, I have nothing to lose.

I 'm so bore of office work that everyday doing the same things. My life been so monotonous. But actually I never thought or imagined myself to join in insurance / sales environment too. I have always hate sales job, even though i was marketing student.

Yeah, people do change and i feel that this is the time for me to change. Thanks for all of my friends who support me; although I know they are a bit worry for me too.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Which groups you belong to?

I read somebody blog today, which keep me wandering; Perhaps, i should think like her.
" I want to be thoroughly used up when I die. The harder I work the more I live. Life is a torch that I want to burn as bright as possible before handling to future generation."

Then another friend told me a story and asked which group i belong to;
" there are 3 types of employees;
1. Chicken, as long as the chickens still productive, the cattleman will feed them as much as they can. fat + healthy chicken = good $$$. After no longer productive, it will be killed and here welcome your KFC.
2. Rat, rat always work very hard to get a cheese. After got the food, it will eat bit by bit and continue hunting for the food again.
3. Eagle, very aggressive, never wait for the prey to come instead hunt for it."

So, which animal you belong to? Hmnnn.. Ergh.... I dont know, i dont think i belong to any of them. Then my friend kept insist that i should belong to one of them because everybody does. I told him .. too bad, I'm really not belong to anyone. I'm still wandering who am I? Which field should I go in? Can I do it or may I enjoy it?

Yes, still and still too many stupid questions running on my mind. What a pathetic plan for my future. 25 years old + 18 days, and i still hanging around somewhere else. Sigh....

I always admire those people, especially women who are success in their career. I wish i can be one of them =). Just wish and dream but act less (my motto) LOL.

Friday, May 18, 2007

One Day Free

Finally I have a chance to use my MC =). Actually I just pretended to look sick when i went to doctor last nite even though i was so tired for this whole week. Tried to convince the doctor that I need MC for today and gave a bunch of reasons.

Doc: How to pronounce your name? Su.. su.. suraini?
Me: Suriany, doctor. (I will really impress if any foreigner can spell my name correctly at the 1st time)
Doc: You r not feeling well?

Me: Well, actually I need MC for tomorrow doctor.
Doc: Why?
Me: My whole body sore and headache, its been a week and I am exhausted.
Doc: Any fever?
Me: No
Doc: Sore throat?
Me: No
Doc: Running nose?
Me: Hmnnn.. no (a bit worry wont get MC, I need to lie a bit!!)
Doc:Any stomach discomfort?
Me: Yeah yah... my gastric flared up and this part of my stomach hurt too (pointing to left side of my stomach, actually my tummy hurt because of pilates last night :P, but the gastric part is true eh!)
Doc: Hmnn.. ok, let me see your tongue.
See your eyes
Now, I will check your temperature
Ok, well... you have a fever 37.5
Me: Huh?! really? (I dont know my feeling at that time, should be happy or mnn....)
Doc: Yeah, you got fever, and its answer why you feel tired. i will give you MC for tomorrow
Me: Thanks alot doctor. (Yeppiiii, that what I want hahha, I dont even care I have fever, I just want a rest)

Now, I stay at home, woke up late, watched Ellen DeGeneres, slept again and end up feeling dizzy because sleep too much hahahhaa.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Does Singapore change me?!!!

Some of you guys (I think most of you) heard this story before. I used to hate Singaporeans so much but now hmnnnn (masih kali ye). I have encountered some bad experiences before I decided to stay here for long term. I always have tonnes of tonnes of excuses when my parents asked me to stay here until I was graduated and left no choices.

I shouldnt say that all Singaporeans bad, no no I should say 'unfriendly' instead of bad. I made friends with some of nice people at the gym place (even most of them arent as same age as me). My colleagues are also nice, we can get along very well.

Then, I started to find some what i call 'weird' things about singaporean.

1. First week at work, I tried to be friendly with all human being who work at the same floor as me (i guess around 100 people). I wasnt that thick skin (what my colleagues always call me) that go over ppl cubicle and talk. Its just a smile, please just a smile and my colleagues said I'm thick skin and over friendly =(. I asked them why ppl in our floor not friendly at all, then they asked why.
Me: I saw this girl in toilet, i know she just sit next to our cubicle then I smile at her. But she give that fierce look like i want to rob her. (may be something wrong with my smile hahahhaa)
Colleagues: hahahahhahahha, why u smile at people without any reason, of course they will think you are Siau lah. (They keep laughing and then told my manager, my manager say "Sue is a warm and friendly person what". I dont know its a compliment or what, but all of them keep laughing. Sigh...)

Oh my God, do I need a reason just to smile?! Then i thought may be that lady have a bad day, but I was wrong. Tired of smiling for a month then I stop and dont expect that we will make friend with others.

2. I dont know what happen will all guys, sometimes our jobs need us to carry boxes and move things. Around 6 months working here, none of them have ever offered help (actually we dont really need their help too, its just a woman's ego i guess :P). Forget about HELPING, they wont even hold the door for you. SUCKXXXX!!! Its really a different world and people if you compare between Canadian and Singaporean.

3. One gentleman, no I should call him LOSER, came to us in our 1 weeks work. He say "So, you all are new provisioning team eh, then u all will distribute out the token to asia and emea right? You know what, because of having this new team, all my IT mobile people have to end their job because they arent needed anymore" Then he left. In fact this loser is a manager, yah it happened only by today we knew he is manager. I cant imagine as a manager, he acted like that. His unprofessional behaviour should keep him as a office boy forever. Too bad, sometimes we still need his help though.

If you all think I'm too sensitive with singaporean, its a NO NO and NO. Even my colleagues (all of them singaporean), they admit that this environment is terrible but they dont care. They said as long as we finish our work and our manager treat us well, Its fine. Thanks God by giving me nice colleagues.

May be this is what they call working environment. Got it now!!!

So, Does Singapore Change Me?
NO..... I'm still my mom's sien, my friend's sur and my colleagues' sue sue sue ( i dont know why they like to call my name 3 time ,then i have to reply them yes,yes,yes lol). Keep Smiling =), it will brighten your day.

No offend to Singaporean though, its just my opinions and experiences in my workplace =P


Friday, May 4, 2007

Money is NOT Everything

Kind of outdated, I just read this new today. Actually it happened on 23 April, but yeah I never read newspaper. Just an hour before, we got to know from a friend next to our cubical. Everybody started reading the forward and ended up speechless for a while then we guessed who, which one, when, how...

One lady, 29 years old, died because stress of the work load, and the bottom line --- she was working in HP, as a new zealand team that have to come to work at 4.30 am everyday!!!!!!! Yeah HP, I wander whether she worked as same floor as me or may be same outsource company as I'm working for..???!!!

Some more, she just joined this company last September and transferred to this what they so call ' stress' department ONLY for 2 months. Guys, you all have to read the news and blogs (I attach the link at the end of this blog). Its so sad...

I think it is a wake up call for those who are workaholic (absolutely not me!!!). What an excuse eh!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Nothing Much!!!

Wawa: how r u sien? anything new?
Sien: ok, nothing much
Sia: hi dear, how its going?
Sien: ok, nothing much
Diella: Pa kabar mak?
Sien: ok lo, nothing much
Vivi: how life there sien ci?
Sien: ok lah, nothing much

Oh gosh.... is there any other words than 'nothing much' sigh*

My life too monotone eh! Like a huge of mahogany wood standing at middle nowhere. Morning, wake up and rushing for work, sleep in the train, finally reach office with panda eye. Replying hundred of emails (a lot eh!) but its only take 1/2 day to finish it at the most. Go for lunch at 11 30, come back at 1 pm (its the earliest time), if we did some window shopping, then will reach office at 2pm.

After lunch, heaven is coming. Youtube, radio, blogging, chatting, gossiping, you name it (except sleeping hehehe). Sometimes we even have a tea break. Where is my manager? He is in Germany. so.... yeah.. u get it rite? At 6 pm sharp, everybody go home with tired face and painful ear, its because we watch too much Youtube wearing earphone~~~~

Some of you guys will wish to have this kind of job eh. Yeah, i admit it, i do enjoy it too. But now i feel useless and pretty much hopeless for it. Looking for new job though (havent even update my resume) Blahhhh!!! Always complain and plan to find new job but never act =(, yeah that's Choco. May be I'm still living with denial that I'm too scare to leave my comfort life, no no should be my 'comfort' job.

I really feel that 'nothing much' in my life. Any song title "nothing much"? Is everybody life same as me? I mean like wake up, working, going home, sleep and the same things keep repeating day by day? I miss school/uni time so much. *hikz~~

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Labor Day

None of my plans have been fulfilled, like go shopping (I need it badly, so stressed last few weeks), have my manicure done, get some art stuffs to retouch my bedroom that already pending for a month.

Blahhh, its all because of my stupid aircon is leaking.. yeah is leaking and still leaking now. I have to move my bed, which from now on i have no spaces to walk. 3 big pails, newspapers and alot of cloths are standing and laying proudly below the aircon Dahh... I hope the water didnt spoil my owner's floor.

I called the aircon service guy and expecting he would come and fix it asap. Yeah i know its impossible, its LABOR DAY. Tired of begging him, finally we agreed to fix it on Saturday (he offered to come on weekdays but everybody is working though sigh...).
3 more days, sleeping with pails and 'healing' water sound, tes tes teessss.

Ended up stay at home for the whole day doing brainless things :D. Thanks khebo (he prefer us to call him kebo rather than his real name, sorry for you dude) for downloading HEROS. Its so COOL. Bo, we are still waiting for the next episodes, when you are going to DL? Dont forget Ugly Betty too. Di kasi hati minta jantung nih hehehe.

Actually thanks for the leaking aircon too, I save my money from emotional shopping =).

Monday, April 30, 2007


' You cant get everything you wanted, have to sacrifice either one though' someone remind me with this sentence.
Its so true, when you try to forgo one and receive another one at the same time, you will just feel relieve. Time is just too short for me to achieve both of them. Sometimes i wish to have 48 hours per day.... but hmnn... 8 hrs work / day is enough =D

Last Saturday, woke up at 6 am, ready at 7 am, waiting bro's sms to tell me that he will reach soon, waited waited and waited still nil until 8 am. Finally my phone rang at 8 20, disappointingly he still in Malaysia somewhere out there. I started cursing that stupid bus and worrying that I might late for my 1st japanese class at 9 am. Then almost 9 pm, hopelessly, I picked up the phone and called bunka. Even though I missed the 1st class that they will replaced for me by next week, i felt good after the called. I dont know how to illustrate it, pokoknya lega deh hbs itu.

Went to Sentosa on Sunday, Blahhhh... Damn Hot!!! Thanks to my bro's friend as a tour guide. ME? hehehe? I shelter myself from the sun at the bus stop, souvenir stores, under the trees & small tattoo booth =D. i didnt mind sit & stand at the bus stop for an hour (yeah its boring but i rather wait there than torturing my skin). Guess how many tattoos i made =)? this time is fakes tattoo dudes, one is enough for me hehehehehhe.

Tired weekend, Thanks God tomorrow is public holiday uihhhhh..... want to pamper myself, dont have any plan yet, we'll see how.

Report to you all by then ok *wink*

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Down Down ... Blaak!! Jatuh!!

Past few days were miserable for me. Actually it was just tiny misunderstood between me n my bro but because I'm too stubborn (i admit it), things turn even worst aihhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
It's nobody wrong, not him not me, everybody just get too tired and frustrated. Hope this dark cloud can clear soon =(

Far far far... ridiculous journey for me travelling from tampines to alexandra EVERYDAY. first i thought it's ok, will get used to it. No...No... almost a month now n still complaining about the distance (it's take almost 3 hours for round trips though).
Dear housemates, we still have to survive until next year March.

Because of this, I have brilliant excuses to skip my routine. Instead of joining 2 classes at gym, now 1 is more than enough. Can u imagine how many fats that still waiting to be burned.
Japanese class start this Saturday, if not because I have already paid, for sure i will cancel the class. Now I have to deal "moshi moshi watashiwa Sue des" with it for 2 months..........

I just feel mentally tired these few days, really need a break..... Thanks all folks at home for your nonsenses 'jayus' jokes that make me laugh. Hidup Makan!! that's our motto LOL.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Welcome To Choco's House

Hi.. hi..
After read all blogs, blogs and blogs from you all, i decided to write mine too =)
I always assumed that blog=diary=personal thing=secret==>CONFIDENTIAL!!! & shouldn't be shared w/ public. But now I try to think the other way around hehehe.

When you write something here, people will give comments / feedback / advices/ even nonsenses, which I like it (this is the reason and the only reason i start my blog kekeke) - I hope u all give best ingredients to my choco cottage eh =)

Btw, I'm still 'dodol' to design my blog page. Need help eh, if anything wrong or misplace or whatever reason you just dont like the features, left or right, top or bottom, let me know ok.

I think should be enough for 1st blog . Cape ketiknya. Still got 45 minutes to go home though.

Please shows some love here dude....