Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Basa Basi

I feel like writing something... but no clue.... hmnn...
Well, lets see;
Politic wise, so far it is alright. Boss on vacation leave for a week so no government. However big bosses will be coming down tomorrow and station in our office, so got to behave.
Colleagues are working and compromising well enough to each other.
Since I got many morning shifts, so around 9 pm, my body and brain will automatically stop operating for the day. Any call after 9pm will only be answered by tomorrow as early as 5 am :D

Socially, still hang around with the same and best folks ever, especially for makan makan events. Go to gym still, but not as routine as last time, blame on the changing working hours. Finished Salsa beginner class which then end up learnt how to move my hip together with comments that I dance like a jogger or my step is too big until my partner has difficulties to follow me(blame on the salsa class at California LOL).

Economically, OH NO!!! Need more cash, cash and cash! Hope the shares and stocks price will increase soon, I mean soon is really soon, in a month time??? I know its impossible but whos know MIRACLE, keep it positive! Also, hope Pandit doing good and really work hard for it, so at least I will get increment in September or at least those government wont kick our ass out from the building.

House, I mean room, I get used to it, in fact really feel like home now. (Mbak nya sering cuciin baju, soalnya dia sering pinjem hp buat telp balik indo, sogokan mbak nya. hihihihi. just exactly feels like home :P)