Monday, July 16, 2007

Finding New Life

Been working for 1 week, not really officially working though, just training. Just a week, yah just 6 days training, I keep asking myself alot and alot of questions. I really dont know where to find the answers. I'm tired asking people opinions. It is my decision, I have to bare with it.

Actually it wasnt that bad. So far I came back from training with satisfaction and happy feeling. Just today, I feel a little bit down. I know the reason why I felt that way though. I try to motivate myself to be strong and dont concern too much on small matters. I tried, but cant. Still, small problem is still a matter for me, I cant let it go... hikz.

This morning Liza sms and asked me to join her b'day lunch on wednesday. Gosh, I cant go because I have courses that need to attend. Felt bad then promised her to have lunch together on friday instead. Then, Ci Feny asked me to come over to her place to have dinner on friday nite to celebrate Rafael's b'day, I cant go neither because I got seminar that is a 'must' and cant be cancelled.

Its bad , pretty bad. I know my lifestyle wont be same as before. Perhaps I just need to adapt and make some adjustment with it. I really scare on failing and giving up before I see any result. I hope I wont do any stupid mistake eh!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Counting Time

Passed all the tests, but the excitement has gone. Dont feel excited anymore like few weeks ago before the tests. Start work immediately, no problem, ... if they allowed me to have break, even better. As you know insurance people are 'pushy". Ooppss... I become one of them soon, die lah.....

My bad feeling towards this job:
- No more nice + 'siau' colleagues
- No more online chatting
- No more 9 - 6 working hours
- No more gym, gym and gym
- Must wear SUPER formal
- Hot hot hot + perspire + sticky eeww!!!
- Make-up is a MUST arghhhh
- Working hours weird, 2 -10 pm
- Colleague should be suckx too (i guess)
- Customer might be nasty
- Prefer me to speak mandarin, aiyo.. my mandarin like nasi campur, Mandarin + indon+hokkien+english. You think the clients will understand what I said? hohohohohoho

( so far these are the bad things that I can think of it, I will up date u all after I joined them)
Erghh... seems like I got a mission to be an undercover to find out how bad is the company instead of joining them for good reason hahahahhahahha. Whatever lah!

Then, why i decide to join them?... ??????...???? good question, why ah?
hmnnn.... 'may be' yah 'perhaps', Im just curious and I got feeling that I will learn something new from them, even I'm not sure if I can even sell 1 policy in 1 month or not hehehehehehe. Yah, I just want to know how this business works, it might be fun though. But the tests are NOT fun at all.

If I faield, I might think of be a property agent hahahhahaha.