Monday, January 14, 2008

Back Home...

I'm home dudes. Nothing special for the trip. In fact, only for the first day we (me, mikie, hadi and his gf) have visited 3 places; gading, mangga2 and TA. Mikie companied me for the first night since nora and agnes only reach by tomorrow. We spent most of our time in our room 1025. Chatted a lot, tried to keep updated all news that we have been missed for the past 3 years and enjoyed our 'single' talks lol.

2nd day, we spent whole day with the bride having our nail done. It was fun, just feel like tai tai wanna be, sitting in the nail salon and gossiping around. (WHOLE DAY!!), the picture shows why we
enjoyed it so much =) (Nora and xin xin (the bride) monopolize the cozy chairs)
The D day come, we hit the nearest salon near the hotel. Very excited at first, but the result..... OH MY GOSH! It was a disaster, none of us like it. I look like kindergarten kid with short curly hair and the fr
inge just like I'm ready for shower. Agnes even untied her entire hair at the end. After got out from salon, we run to guardian to buy a hairspray.
Once reached the room, each of us booked
the mirror and tried to do something with the hair (lucky the room got 3 big mirrors). dont forget, we are girl and we always nag. That exactly what we did, we complaint and complaint until we satisfied with the look. (not satisfy though, but at least better).
ready for the parteeeyyy!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Finally I Travel

Have been waiting for one month to find a way out from Spore, finally I have a chance to travel. I'm going to Jakarta tomorrow to attend Xin's wedding. Will meet Nora too =) after dont know how many donkey years never met. Very very excited. Although its only 4 days trip, hope I can be a better person and 'really' ready to start my new life when i came back here. (finger crossed)

Well, Hadi will become my tour guide for a day in Jakarta and we are going to meet up with Mikie too, thanks a bunch pak hadi....

Started sending my resume, in fact went to 1 interview. Frankly speaking, until now I still dont feel it right. Everything just not right for me. This way wrong, that way too complicated, another way might be too risky Aihhh...

Been emotional spending too; paid 1 year up front for gym, signed up for personal trainer that not really giving huge different result compare to working out in class basis. Tried not to shop too much, but still spent some on it (this time I have better self control on impulse buying though).

After found a good job for myself, next is moving time... gotta find new place to stay. Life is challenging eh!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Move on to 2008

I hope for better year, i guess everybody wish for it too.
I really fell like starting my life all over from zero, which i don't know whether I should be happy or sad.
Today, start browsing jobstreet (sound familiar eh! especially for jobless men), I confused. Yes, indeed!!! Last year when i browsed on the same web, confidently i knew which field, position and even company that i wanted to go to. Now? Duh!!!

Happy when saw 'banking/financial' words on the page; but when i clicked and 'insurance industry' pop up on my screen, i closed it ASAP and all bad memories flied around my head AGAIN.
It just too hard to forget all the uncomfortable experiences. If i saw a family in the public, either they are malay, chinese or indian; out of sudden i could picture them as my client, who were listening to my presentation, giving me full of rejection and showing me their unfriendly faces. Honestly I was scare, really scare. I wish i could just run away to somewhere nobody knows me. (I know I'm weird and think too much!)
At night, especially passed by huge HBD flats, all those memories would just freshly wake up from my mind. I hate myself, why i couldnt control my feeling, why i couldnt see the bright or happy side instead of uncomfortable one. Why, why why?!
Sometimes i wish to lose my memories only for the past 5 months. I know it sounds selfish and i should be blessed on those priceless experiences that i gained instead. sigh...

It is not a good and healthy wish for 2008 though. It just like running away from reality *sigh...
Yes, I should move on and start from zero again, i guess. I wish myself good luck in my career and never ever made impulse decisions again!

Anyway, just want to share, I still love Jim Brickman, it reminds me to Windsor, small quiet peaceful place to live. Every time i listen the songs, I can imagine myself walking from the campus to 'rosedale' house =) with windy fall or even snowing winter. Sound silly eh! but i love that feeling.