Saturday, June 30, 2007

Not Good Not Good

The tests almost make me crazy. 3 tests, failed 2, retaken 1 finally passed. This Tuesday has to retake another one. Exhausted =(

Next week is my last day with HP and Xcellink though. Well, actually from the 1st day I worked until now, Im not sure whether I belong to HP or Xcellink, whatever.... Will be having a nice last lunch with my colleagues at Holland V. A bit sad living them too =(

I started have a bit pessimist thinking eh. Am I making a right decision ``` blurrr``` yeah, that's me, thats what people say 'plin plan + nga ada pendirian yg kuat' sigh... Perhaps these 3 tests make me sick of it. Cant give up though, have been sacrifice too much, at least must give it a try (die die also have to try lah hahahaha, i learn new words in Spore). I give myself 6 months =) and I hope it enough to show if i'm capable or not.

Actually i dont really have a good reason why I join this company. Really, I dont know...
What am I doing eh? It seems like a dream, i made a huge changes only in a month i guess. Changes that I'm not even sure for it. Aiiihhhhh..... Really need an emotional support and a good guidance, wish Dalai Lama will visit Spore one day. =D

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

MC = Study

I passed my resignation letter to my manager. Surprisingly, he didnt shock w/ my decision, in fact he has expected I will leave the company soon =). He is the best manager that i knew (well he is my 1st manager too hehehe), he gave alot of advices for me to move on. He say "Its not a bad new, its a good new for me and you. Im really happy to see my staffs find out whatever right for themselves. You have to work really hard, if can you have to work 7 days a week for the first 6 months then you will see the result. Wish you all the best k'." Thanks Richard, for you support!!!

These few days very exhausted, has been studying for days and still, still alot, Hikzx. Luckily I got 2 days MC. No, I wasnt sick. I had a procedure done for my face treatment called chemical peeling treatment. The effect for the treatment pretty bad. I felt burning in my face, alot of burn scar and red mark. Somehow look like sun tan, but look more like skin diseases =( .
I went back to the doctor and he gave me 2 days MC =). Just right timing to study eh.

Overall got 3 exams that held on 15, 19 and 22 June. I better do it right. I cant imagine if i failed one of them sigh..... If I passed ( i will pass =)) I will join the company by beginning of next month. Got to go back to study now aih.....

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Move On

I'm going to give my resignation letter tomorrow. A bit nervous, but I have already set my mind. Whatever reason, i will give it a try. I bet there isnt any good life for me in the future job. Forget about msn chatting and fav youtube, I dont think i have time to see my dear roomates. Dudes.. gosip gosip waktu dinner bakal berkurang nih... hikz...

Actually I've sacrificed alot for this job. I will resign before my contract end, no year end bonus, no sweet colleagues and no funny manager. I got to pay for the MOCK exam (I have to pass this test before enter to their business) and cost me $291.60, not cheap though. I stop my japanese class with an excuse got to prepare for the month end Mock exam (i know its nothing related, stupid excuses). It means that my japanese tuition fees just walk away with an old blind man. Sigh***

I need your helps dudes, next time if I planned to learn anything, you all please stop me before i do it half way, please! For my own good and you all too. Because you will hear less complain and nag from me LOL.