Thursday, March 13, 2008

Confirmation and Indian

I got it dudes!!!!! Even though the language test very funny and awkward, I did it =). Monday start training. I'm so happy, 'tuing tuing tuing'~~~~~~

Well, here the story before the test. Because I reached there earlier this afternoon, then I walked around and did some window shopping at Millenium Walk. When I was inside Guardian, looking at some body cream (honestly I didnt even know what the heck I was looking at, coz I was too nervous for the test!). Suddenly, an Indian man around 50 walked toward me and show me some kind of certificate;

Indian: Hi, how are you, this is my name card
Me: (look at him suspiciously and abit blurr)
Indian: I come from India? are you Sporean?
Me: (stupidly answer) No, I'm Indonesian
Indian: You look happy in your face, but inside you are sad, so sad. You just have broken heart, you just break up with you boy friend. (broken heart dari mana, yg ada mah desperate buat kerja)
Me: Huh?!
Indian: Now, there are 2 men who like you, one love your appearance and the other one love your heart. Give me your name and date of birth, I will tell you more
Me: No, thanks!

Then I walked away, no no, I run away from that store. Gosh..... whats wrong with that guy. Then I continued to explore the candy store, I still got 30 minutes to kill before interview times =D

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Do You Believe It?

Went for 2nd interview this morning and turn out my interviewer is 'bule'. How the interview goes, will tell you later. The most interesting fact she was telling me is 'Sporeans discriminate westerners'. Erghhhh... I disagreed with her and said Sporean treat westerners so damn well or I can say they treat westerners like a king (give me five if u agree with me).

It was started when she asked about my life in Canada. Then I said, I like everything, the people, the friendliness, the weather and the customer service over there is two thumbs up. 'How about here?' she ask. I say 'Its totally different'. Surprisingly she agreed with me, she said customer service over here very bad (can u imagine, she is 'ang mo' and she feel that way, how about us?). Then she started telling me about how her friends decided to go back to Aussie because couldnt bare with everything in Spore and Sporean itself. I told her, they are not the one who suppose to face this discrimination; in fact, us, Indonesian, Filipino, Thai and Mainland people who are facing it.

The conclusion of our 'what so call out of interview' topic has ended up she surprised me and I surprised her with all the facts from our point of view. But I still told her that I love Spore (as a country) and still can bare with the people =D

How was the interview goes? *Sigh.....
Everything was perfect until we discussed about my work experiences. She kind of disappointed on my job hopping. I really being honest with her about everything like telling her about breaking the contract and paying the penalty (of course she shocked) and about my regret towards the decisions that I made. Should I tell her a bit white lie for my own sake? But at the end I did convince her that this is the job that I want though.
She said If i got shortlisted again, I should be able to start work on next monday and this few days will get a call for a language test (its a bahasa Indonesia language test :P).