Monday, August 27, 2007

Up and Down

Last few days felt fascinating, today feel empty, tomorrow may be excited.
Easy to get motivated, pretty easy to fall down as well.
Try not to complain too much, try to think positively all the time, try to show the capabilities to others. It sound easy but yet complicated.
Full of hope yesterday, disappointed today, unpredictable tomorrow.
Thought perhaps hormone change causes sadness, doubt it though.

Jealousy and selfishness lead wind become thunder.
Simple things get worse because of simple 'thing'.
Your closest one might be your enemy, your enemy might end up be your buddy.
Setting a goal may give better direction; without a clear direction, how to set a goal?
All creatures have a dream, will the dream come true? or will it be just hang around your mind?

Love what I'm doing now, will love more if know what I will do for tomorrow.
Promise is a hope, what happen if a promise just be the promise?
Not regret really no regret on what's going on now....
It just freaking hard...
Out there tried to motivate, it works though but it wont last, it just like a wind pass by, as fast as clicking the mouse.

Instead of sympathy, prefer to receive normal treatment from audiences.
Sue really knows what she is doing now, so just let her do.