Sunday, May 4, 2008

Need Variety...

This what my colleague always said, "I need variety!"
I think I need it too, in fact, everybody should own it.
Life is so monotonous; wake up, go to work, gym n go home. Dont you think it make you dull?
Can predict what is gonna happen for tomorrow or may be for the whole week, no excitement at all.
I really dont know how to make myself happy.
I used to release it through shopping. But now, FREAK!
I have a strange notion when I shop, especially clothes. I love it, I try it on, the price is right and I will buy if I like it. But now, I dont know what phobia hit me, I never bought the clothes.
My heart keep telling me "dont buy it or you will regret. Can you imagine wearing the same cloth with others and you guys bump each other on the street? Gosh!!! dont buy it and put it back!"
It always work and now I feel something wrong with me ARGH!!!!!!!

One more thing, I really should find a unit asap. I cant stay with owner, it doesnt mean my owner rude, they are great! But i need a house not a room *sob*
I need to do alot of things, gotta lose more weight, have my eyebrow done, buy a fan for my sauna room, plan for a trip and start saving~~~~~~