Sunday, October 28, 2007

Not Happy

Is this life I wanted?

- Dont feel happy even closed cases
- Family and cousins visited but didnt have times for them
- Even have, mentally and physically were too tired to entertain them
- Made them worried too much
- Weekend haunted by worries
- Passed weekdays with demoralizes and uncertainties feeling
- Keep wandering why people never be satisfied
- Previous job too easy ended up felt useless and hopeless
- Current job feels too much!
- *Sigh...
- Cant stop here though
- Dont want to be a lil girl who always asked protection and kept giving silly excuses to stay in the comfort zone
- Have been moving too far, cant stop here or will become loser forever


- Still, too much (again)
- Still, cant find the bright side of everything
- Still, doing alot of readings hope to discover something useful
- Yes, it helped though, but
- Too bad, it just as instant as the thunder strike
- Friends ask ' why you have to continue if you are not happy?'
- Cant really have the answer for that

Still, waiting, searching and hoping to find the meaning of my life now