Monday, April 30, 2007


' You cant get everything you wanted, have to sacrifice either one though' someone remind me with this sentence.
Its so true, when you try to forgo one and receive another one at the same time, you will just feel relieve. Time is just too short for me to achieve both of them. Sometimes i wish to have 48 hours per day.... but hmnn... 8 hrs work / day is enough =D

Last Saturday, woke up at 6 am, ready at 7 am, waiting bro's sms to tell me that he will reach soon, waited waited and waited still nil until 8 am. Finally my phone rang at 8 20, disappointingly he still in Malaysia somewhere out there. I started cursing that stupid bus and worrying that I might late for my 1st japanese class at 9 am. Then almost 9 pm, hopelessly, I picked up the phone and called bunka. Even though I missed the 1st class that they will replaced for me by next week, i felt good after the called. I dont know how to illustrate it, pokoknya lega deh hbs itu.

Went to Sentosa on Sunday, Blahhhh... Damn Hot!!! Thanks to my bro's friend as a tour guide. ME? hehehe? I shelter myself from the sun at the bus stop, souvenir stores, under the trees & small tattoo booth =D. i didnt mind sit & stand at the bus stop for an hour (yeah its boring but i rather wait there than torturing my skin). Guess how many tattoos i made =)? this time is fakes tattoo dudes, one is enough for me hehehehehhe.

Tired weekend, Thanks God tomorrow is public holiday uihhhhh..... want to pamper myself, dont have any plan yet, we'll see how.

Report to you all by then ok *wink*

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Down Down ... Blaak!! Jatuh!!

Past few days were miserable for me. Actually it was just tiny misunderstood between me n my bro but because I'm too stubborn (i admit it), things turn even worst aihhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
It's nobody wrong, not him not me, everybody just get too tired and frustrated. Hope this dark cloud can clear soon =(

Far far far... ridiculous journey for me travelling from tampines to alexandra EVERYDAY. first i thought it's ok, will get used to it. No...No... almost a month now n still complaining about the distance (it's take almost 3 hours for round trips though).
Dear housemates, we still have to survive until next year March.

Because of this, I have brilliant excuses to skip my routine. Instead of joining 2 classes at gym, now 1 is more than enough. Can u imagine how many fats that still waiting to be burned.
Japanese class start this Saturday, if not because I have already paid, for sure i will cancel the class. Now I have to deal "moshi moshi watashiwa Sue des" with it for 2 months..........

I just feel mentally tired these few days, really need a break..... Thanks all folks at home for your nonsenses 'jayus' jokes that make me laugh. Hidup Makan!! that's our motto LOL.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Welcome To Choco's House

Hi.. hi..
After read all blogs, blogs and blogs from you all, i decided to write mine too =)
I always assumed that blog=diary=personal thing=secret==>CONFIDENTIAL!!! & shouldn't be shared w/ public. But now I try to think the other way around hehehe.

When you write something here, people will give comments / feedback / advices/ even nonsenses, which I like it (this is the reason and the only reason i start my blog kekeke) - I hope u all give best ingredients to my choco cottage eh =)

Btw, I'm still 'dodol' to design my blog page. Need help eh, if anything wrong or misplace or whatever reason you just dont like the features, left or right, top or bottom, let me know ok.

I think should be enough for 1st blog . Cape ketiknya. Still got 45 minutes to go home though.

Please shows some love here dude....