Friday, November 30, 2007

What is Success?

Still dont understand why a lot of people think rich means success *sigh...
In my life... to be honest, I never thought that you can measure success using money.
Rich people.... actually they were sacrificed a lot of things before they earned it, this including their closest or love one (trust me for this, i experienced it in my life)

Today, i learned something from my friend. In fact, he is facing financial problem now and has outstanding loan that need to be settled. Here our conversation

S :Eh, I talked to boss already about quitting
J : Really ar? so what he said?
S : As usual lo, u know our boss lah, never give up one keep motivating lo
J : Yah lo. he also talked to me last week and asked me to find out what i want in my life
S : Same lah, he also asked me to find out, but now i find what i dont want
J : What?
S: I dont want this job n this life. I told u before what I never feel happy since 2nd appointment. How about you?
J : Me ar... first I thought that money is my first priority lah. But now after I think about it, money is not everything for me and money is not what i want in the 1st place. I still searching what i want in my life ar.
S : (I really surprised when he told me money is not everything for him)

And from this conversation I learned new thing. Not all people in financial problem will think money is a problem solver in their life. I'm so glad he think that way, i really do.
I mean, he still has to find out how to get money to settle his financial problem but at least he wont assume money is everything.

Just be real, everybody like money. Even myself, I love shopping and it means i love money too. But I really hate when people take money as granted. I mean 'granted' is every every every things (you should know what i'm trying to say here)

A friend told me "success people do the things they dont like to do"
Anybody agree with this sentence? even my boss told me before. It still doesnt make sense for me. Bill Gates? Warren Buffet? Oprah? are they doing something that they dont like?

Anyway, what is success then?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Coming Back Home

Heading home this Wednesday to attend cousin's wedding
Feel happy yet not really excited

Bought some Bee Cheng Hiang back
Really have no idea what I should buy back *sigh
Found my goldish top to match with my Batik skirt for the dinner
Too bad, I dont really satisfy with the top (yeah, it was last minute shopping)

Working wise, hmnnn not really stressful (for those who know, I only work 2 days for last week *wink *wink)
Indeed, guess I'm learning to control my mind though
Have no idea why I like, super duper love, to think
From nothing I will think until it creates 'something'
Someone told me 'success people are those who like and always think' DAH!!! yg bener aja, itu bukan sukses lagi.. uda gila kali.

Love this weekend, enjoy yet tireless
Went out to our neighborhood fooling around
Taking picture and mess around inside CC (evidences are shown!!)
Spent almost 3 hours at McD discussing married life, debating how men and women should behave in the family, what lead a couple divorce and how society behave to it.

Dudes, we should spend more times to do this kind of craziness
It feels good ya!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Past 25 Years

Life that I had for the last 25 years 5 months 23 days

- Decent life, yup really decent
- Easy life. Yes, pretty easy, effortless life. Need anything just said it out, but have to say it to the right target :P ( Well well well it wont work every time though)
- Pampered too much by family. I'm blessed dudes, so blessed for it. I'm a spoil wreck!
- Run away from problems rather than solve it
- Worst come to worst, just let it go....
- Find new life as easy as blinking my eyes (take note, what I mean by this life is just a small part of my life that gave trouble to me, not my whole life like families n' buddies)
- Burdenless
- Depend my life to much and take everything that I have as granted
- Cry seems like can settle every problem (sstttsss...)
- I hate people force me to do things, even I knew thats for my own good
- Give up is so damn easy until I don't even know what 'give up' means.
- Pretty bad eh!
- Too much good life, I don't even remember when was the last time I struggled with life. Or I never have!
- Decision making, hmnnn... I barely decide for myself (*thinking hard* what big decision that I have ever made?) Any clue?

Good life eh! I really appreciate and thanks for everything that You gave me.

So, What I need and what I want to be from now on?