Monday, February 4, 2008


Heard something funny at Bugis Village today

2 guys were walking behind me talking about what they should have for lunch

A: their chicken rice is good e
B: really? i heard the duck not bad too
A: huh? they got duck me?
B: got, my friend tried before
A: oh... should be latest version ar, last time they only got chicken rice

Alamak, 'latest version' emang bebek ada berapa version???????

Sunday, February 3, 2008

2 more days...

They might look forward for it but absolutely not here
'You should come back earlier, you have nothing to do there too right?'
Yes, doing nothing here except gym gym and gym
Really dont think ready to go back
Kinda mess up with career now
Should regret on what have decided?

Have no plan for the future at all
Damn picky on the job, is that wrong?
Only realize things arent that simple when they started step in and try to solve it!
Convinced them will solve it by own, end up everything became awkward
Stubborn, egoist, selfish, pride... you name it, dont really care anymore!
Sometime it feels sad but mostly numb

This year... unprepared new year
No excitement like previous years
Scare to go back home town
How to convince everybody that everything is fine
Might end up going back for good though
Should I?