Sunday, December 28, 2008

Moody Saddy


Nothing really happened today, every routine was just ordinary, nothing unexpectedly happened.
It just the feeling that doesnt seem to compromise.

Did shopping for a while and ended up, as usual, impulse purchase again *sigh...
I thought it would make me feel better, at least, in what so ever reason. But Nah....
All stuffs are still beautifully sit inside the paper bag and I dont even bother to unpack it. Indeed, feel like return back all.

Was it because of 'it'?, I suppose too. Since the moment I knew 'it', my mood changed, i just couldnt control it.
I must have expect it too much, everything doesnt even start yet and I have already expected the ending, duh!

Or was it because of monthly mood swing due to hormone? It makes sense too I guess.

Or may be because of my office wear that i wore today was a little bit 'bang' and I didnt feel looks good on me? Nah... normally I dont care whether it looks good or not, as long as it is comfortable and I like it, it will be fine!
ARGH!!! Just want to find out what the heck is going on me today.
So irritating!

I suddenly miss my dad a lot. I was wondering, will my life be different if he still here? ~.~

Monday, December 8, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

I hope everyone feels as happy as I am :D, If you weren't then you HAVE TO!!!

It is Christmas! Happy, Joy, Holly time!

If you are stress because of workload, dont worry, you have to be thankful to have work to do during this global recession time.
Dont think of how much bonus that you will receive at the end of this year. If you are still working and hearing your boss say 'I want you to finish it by next month!'. That is your BONUS, at least you know that you have a secure job until next month =)

Want to celebrate Christmas but money tight?
Dont worry, get a 180cm Christmas tree at Carrefour for just $19.90 (hard to believe eh!), but dont compare the quantity k'
Try to decorate the tree by yourself, trust me, you will feel something special.
Dont know how to decorate? Easy, just GOOGLE it! hihihi.

I wish those who just lost their job, all the best and dont give up k'!
Just treat it as a long leave that you have to clear. Spend that time with your close one, families and friends. Just be positive that next year will be better.
Perhaps, if you have savings, take out small part of it and invest it in blue chip companies ;) (only small part k' NOT all!!)

I know and everyone know that the time is bad, it hit globally, but we cant do anything, we cant turn back or move forward the time, so just CHEER and walk through it.

I'm feeling happy even I am freaking miserably poor this month especially after paying my last month credit card bill *sigh... anyway, It just money and we can get it back soon. So, dont waste your time with this once a year joyful moment, ~~~MERRY CHRISTMAS~~~

*** Better to light up the candle rather than cursing the darkness that shrouding us.