Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Worries

The meeting with Susan went well. I reachedto her training place early so she invited me to join the training session on "Presentation Skill". Quite fun though'

Initially I was thinking to have drink with her, but she prefers to have slow walk to MRT station, I didnt mind. I told her how's my work, which i didnt mention the main reason is my boss. I told her that there are some changing of the department structure wich I dont think I like it.

During our walk and talk, she did some shoppings at Body Shop, funny right? I tried not to be ackward though hihihi.

Ok, continue the talk. She awared that I cant do sales and I have difficulties in talking to strangers. So RM is OUT!!!
She say "How about Marketing?"
But I dont think I really suit Marketing, so I didnt response much, in fact, I mentioned about HR.
Once the 'HR word' came from my mouth, Susan's face turned bright.
"That's what in my mind too, that's what I wanna say to you."
Well, from there onwards, we talked about HR thingy.
On thing that I caught from the conversation was, she never mentioned about change company, she told me that Citi is a good company. But why all the senior directors left Citi?

Now my worries:
- The earliest I can escape from the hell is mid of March next year.
- If I'm lucky, i will get transfer immediately by that time *doubt so!
- Dont know if my boss will give good referal?
- Whether HR side has opening? If not, then have to stay on....
- How long I have to stay with this boss if all the above never happened?
- Arghhhh!!!

No solid answer, uncertainty pretty much!

Anyway, we end the conversation at City Hall mrt and sure we will keep in touch :).

Thanks Sue.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Am I really met an Angel?

Past 2 days I attended Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills training course which my company assigned me to go.
Basically the course was about to find out whether you are Extrovert, Introvert, Sensing, Intuitive, Thinking, Feeling, Judgement or Perceptive. If you want to find out more about it, go google it :).
My result was ISFJ, so I am Introvert, Sensing, Felling and Judgement.

Well, the most surprising thing that happened to my life was I became more Extrovert in the class that I have ever realized. I talked, argued and expressed myself in the class like no one business. I felt like I'm not Sue and instead Jae is in my body. (oh Jae oh...)
Whole class was complaining that I shouldnt belong to Introvert group because I talked to much. But the result proved that I am Introvert.

I was amazed by myself and I love myself I really do LOVE myself in these 2 days. BUT... after the course I feel something missing now, i dont want to go back to old SUE, I feel that new SUE will have much more excitement and happier.
(Am I weird, or has anyone experience the same thing as me?)

During the course, we were asked to write problem that we are facing currently, so the whole class will discuss and solve it. So, why wait? this is the biggest opportunity to write down our 'heartless' boss issue.
Unfortunately, not even my trainer can solve it, she just said "I think your boss need love, just show your love to her Sue, I believe that Love can cure her" Oh Gosh...... what a compassionate advice.

After the class, i really feel something missing in my life. I scare, confuse, curious, and hunger for more advices. So, I decided to email my trainer (I dont know where I get my gut.)
Here the email that I sent out.

Dear Susan,
I just want to say thank you very much for these two days ;).
I was amazed on the theory that is so true about people personality which I never realized before.
I was also so amazed of myself, which I have never talked or expressed myself so much in the past 27 years (in front of many people).
I felt like I'm NOT Sue for these 2 days. Just curious, is it because of the course that encourage me to talk? or I have a different personality?
Anyway, I really love and proud of myself for these 2 days. Now I worry that I will come back to my 'real' self.

Susan, I have a question regarding my work and my personality (ISFJ).
I dont feel happy with my current job, and plan to look for other thing, but honestly I dont know where to go.
I did try sales (insurance agent) previously, not only fail but I still feel trauma with that job experience.

But dont know why, now I feel like taking RM (Relationship Manager) job which obviously involve sales most of the time too. But on the other hand, I scare of failure again.

Susan, do you have any advice for it? I just dont want to waste times anymore by trying trial and error.I just wish that I will get the proper one and stick with it, abit selfish eh! I know everybody will wish for the same ;)

Anyway, Thank you again for such a amazing course.


And 10 minutes later SHE REPLIED.....

Here the reply:

Hi Sue
My friends and family call me Sue - so we have the same name!
I'm glad that this course has helped you to love yourself - I was very impressed by you! : )
Happy to have a drink with you some time about career moves. Let me know where your office is and I'll figure out a time. If you're in Millennia, I'm there next week, so we could meet up and chat.
Do let me know.
Warm wishes


I was so touch, I dont know when was the last time I met KIND person.
Dont called me Sue if you think that I didnt cry when received the reply LOL.

I hope she will guide me or at least give some advices.
**** speechless****