Wednesday, November 26, 2008


If What they all said that next year will be better, then I hope it better be!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Office Update

No... not office update, it is a prison update.

Half hourly send email law has changed.....
Yes changed to 15 MINUTES once.... F%$^#)@ crazy rite?
Yah yah, everything happen, happen for a reason.
She got her 'reason'
This is the reason....
" I'm fully aware that I did not factor in breaks times. However, some of you have just decided, without consulting with me first, to do thing on your own way. It started with one person and words get around and half of you have made your own rules on how frequently I would be getting this report"
Then she mentioned, there are 5 people that need to send her email every 15 minutes . And separated email will be sent to those who receive the punishment.
Now 2 confirm since they are working currently, left 3 unanimously.

I'm sure I'm one of them who will received the medal. Why?
Because I was the initiator HAHAHAHA.
Since I was the 1st person who was working when this stupid thing was implemented, I told everyone that I didnt send out email during my break time. So, most of them follow me (Sorry dudes).

But, what the hell, its my break time, everyone entitle 1 hour to rest, be it you want to eat, pee, poo, sleep, jungkir balik kek, its all up to us. Who the hell think of need to send you email!
Haih... since I heard this news, I was really tired, I feel like throwing something to her face.
I even think of publish her photo to the STOMP or other publicity, with a header 'Cruel Office Bitch' .
I also have to blame her on my vulgarity words!!!!

So, the conclusion is, since we all dont care to send her email during our break, we can still dont send but now we have to send her email every 15 minutes during working hours.

Where is the justice? To whom we can complaint?
HR? We tried before, but end up we suffered more from that devil.

We can only talk to each other but there is no one from upper level will listen us.
Just hope next year ecomony recover fast enough so we can go.