Sunday, August 31, 2008

No Daily Routine

I dont know I should say it the best or worst day in the week.

Woke up in the morning, packed my gym stuff and ready to go. Planned to attend beach body class at 1:20 then follow by body balance and then step class.
Since I reached Bugis early, not even 11, so I visited Starbucks for breakfast, latte and bagel (gosh, I dont know how long already I never tasted bagel, It was so good!)

Well, I was reading my 'Marshmallows for Breakfast' and the time was around 12 pm. I dont know whether I was addicted to the story or the weather made me really hesitate to leave my chair. I started thinking 'ok, if I skip today beach body class, I can still join the same class tomorrow morning and make up for it, since you now, according to research it isnt good to do same exercises in 2 days' (pardon me if I made wrong research lol).

So, I text Mikie asked what is she doing after her church. Time passed 12:30, still no reply. Well, I told myself, I will skip beach body class and will join Step class at 3:40 and Zumba perhaps, coz' I cant just stop reading (another excuse). Then time passed so fast plus it was raining. Now the time passed 2 pm. Damn fast!!

To be honest, I was really no mood for exercises. I really sit from 11:30 to 4 pm and I can feel my butt was hurting. Finally I decided to leave at 4 plus. I was telling myself that I got to eat something before I go home, but I think the caffeine still in my stomach, I didnt feel hungry at all. I just ate 1 bagel and 1 medium vanilla latte though.

I walked to the food court, no appetite at all, then I decided to buy fruit (I'm having bad mouth ulcers again *sigh) and went down to basement to have Soup Spoon. I tried minestrone, it wasnt bad, but I still prefer clam chowder and tomato basil =)
Then i visited cold storage as usual and get my peanut butter and quaker oatmeal.

I reached home and suddenly I remembered that I still havent finished watching Ugly Betty. So, the conclusion is after reading whole afternoon, I spent my whole evening until now (just finished) watching Ugly Betty in YouTube. I finished season 2, cant wait for season 3 hihihihi.

Yeah, this is how I spent my off day, duhh... I think i love my work days more from now on =D

Friday, August 1, 2008


It was just promises, convinsing conversations and sweet talks, which you and me knew at the end it will turn to dust, turn to nothing *sigh
Only took couples of months, it started with nobody, then became friend and the relationship growth stronger became like a family.
I was blessed to have a chance to know you, but somehow I wasnt sure you are sincere with me as a friend and almost like a wanna be family (you are the one who always plant this seed into my brain), sadly speaking, i guess you forgot about it and you werent sincere.

Well, its just disappointment for me in making friend. I thought i was smart enough to choose human being to be my friends but i was wrong again. What a life eh!
I was proud of you when we met, yes indeed, I followed almost 100% on whatever you told or guided me. However, it turned abit annoying after awhile, you werent guide me anymore but more on forcing me. But, still, i never thought we have to end our friendship just like that. I dont expect to talk face to face to you but at least virtually, cant we?

I have already let go all of the hopes. There is no loss to lose a friend like you, I guess. I knew that we come from different worlds, i knew you are disappointed with my last decision but I hope you can respect it, anyway, it is my life, I'm the one who suppose to decide and not anyone else. Last message for you 'I'm doing alright now, I love my life and I never regreted on my last decision =)'

Just these few days I was keep thinking why why and why we cant be friend? You were the one who always said always keep in touch, but what happen then???

Past few days a friend told me 'Not everyone can be friend with, even your best friend can become your enemy one day' *sigh