Friday, June 27, 2008

The Face - RyanDan

Traveler of the great dividesVagrant on a path to life
Everyday feels a little closer
To where it is that you're headed for
Given to a hope of so much more

For every time you fall apart
There'll be a soul to guide your journey
But if you choose to turn away
There in the mirror
You'll see my face
You'll see my face

Think you're on this road alone
Looking for a truth untold

Many times you've been close to breaking
Giving up and letting go
Something inside says it's not over

For every time you fall apart
There'll be a soul to guide your journey
But if you choose to turn away
There in the mirror
You'll see my face

And when the world crowds your space
Remember days when noise was silent
Now empty vows, loveless displays
Just a sense of knowing
You'd see my face
You'd see my face

* I love this song, i provide lyrics then u all go youtube ok hehehehehe
Hope you all like it too =)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Smooth Life

Few update from past few weeks

I sprained my ankle again during step class, this time is really bad, i can still feel the pain even though i have been resting for almost 2 weeks.

Last week, when I was walking toward office at around 6.30 am, I passed by Suntec. I saw a security guard sitting on the indoor water fountain near Roots and Fat face. Then suddenly he turned and look at me, then he stood up and walked down from the water fountain and waited for me to walk pass him. Damn, I was so scared because he was keep smiling at me (I think he is a bit retarded), luckily I still can show him my angry face and i try to walk away calmly. Beside, there was few aunties walked behind me. *huih....
Why everytime I will meet these kind of people? What did I do eh? I think I bullied too many 'siau lang' in my previous life!

Last week went massages twice =). Last Saturday with July, then Thursday with Jae (she paid for it tho') hehehehe.

My landlady super duper nice and like to give me food, now i know why I cant lose weight! hahahhahah (by the way, she just gave me dessert) But it doesnt mean that nice = food. LOL

Work, the shift is started and I'm still adapting with the sleeping hour. So far I have not slept well. I heard from somebody before, that if you have a great boss, you colleagues mostly are b@#$*. Other way, if you have nice colleagues then you boss is a killer. Now I get it! Wanna guess which one?
This month, my off days are Monday and Tuesday, *sian...

Last but not least, Ladiessssss, we are going to Bali soon!!!! =)

Thursday, June 5, 2008


So lame and embarrassing incident!!!

I think today is not my day, supposed to leave office at 4 pm, but then I stayed (we actually) until 5 30 pm. Normally we take shuttle bus to mrt station, today 'ke khiang' take bus 133 to Bugis. We (me n Belle) have waited almost 30 minutes for the stupid bus to reach.

The bus finally came at 6 pm. I never took bus to Bugis before, so I just follow Belle. Since she was going to library, before she alight, she reminded me to alight at next stop.
But "Freak..." the bus did not stop at bugis junction, infact it stopped at the bugis mrt, just after KFC.
I still think that's OK, well.. no problem, still near to CF, just opossite. Happily walk, tik tok tik tok 'Ouch, auw.. ahhhh' WHERE IS MY HEEL?!!!!

Do you still remember Mentos Ad? yah, yah, that is what exactly happened to my heel. So embarrassing, swear, and it was around 6 pm plus, can you imagine the crowd? Gosh!!!
Then I sat down and tried to break the right side of my shoes (i was trying to do it professionally and act cool). But I couldnt Break it!

I couldnt think of anything, I called Belle. I really didnt know who I should call. Thanks Belle, she promise me she will come over. While I was waiting for her, almost everyone who passed me would look at me leg. I was thinking what wrong with them, why keep staring at my leg? I felt like a crown (negative way) or superstar (hahahahha).

Then, I saw 1 indian man (a bit siau siau) was walking towards me. I was like 'geezzz, dont do that to me, I cant run'. I really dont know what I did or what i ate early today, that siau Indian guy suddenly stop in front of me. He really freak me out man.....

Like there is a choice, duhhh, I stood up and tried to walk away as normal as i can, then moved to other seat. Dont ask me about surrounding, I didnt dare to look at it! Really sooooo phai se!
20 minutes waiting for Belle was like forever. Finally she came, of course with her laughter she insisted that we have to walk to the taxi stand in Bugis if really want to take taxi home. No choice, then we walked =( fyi, she still took picture with her phone while we were waiting for the traffic light. First, nobody noticed my heel, but since she has to squat down to take the pic, all my surrounding looked my leg. Bingoooo, you win Belle!

Here, Belle's masterpiece. Geezzzzz, i love this shoe and I just wore it not more than 5 times. I hope it can be repaired, *sob