Monday, October 27, 2008


Its been a week, kept having nightmare every night.
The dreams so alive, I still can remember until today.

Chasing and attacking by an alligator.
In the dream, I was a huge turtle and teased by an apes with a weird black mark in its face.
Being forced to marry someone that I dont even know (I shouldnt wake up for this one, so I can see 'his' face LOL).

What's tonight then? *sigh.....

Friday, October 17, 2008

F*^#)%^ Office

A lot of things has happened in the office. I like what I'm doing now but the environment is fucking unhealthy. *sigh... I cursed alot today

I tried to be fair to all, i dont side anyone coz I know If I side either party, at the end I will have pain in my ass. I told all of them that I wont side any of you, coz I want to survive in this environment, I have to cover my own ass first. I even told those who I care the most that just go office do your job and go home, dont care so much!

Well, being nice is not always be appreciated! I'm tired to be nice really, Should I just be a fucking bitch in the office just to force you all to respect me.

When I knew some of them plan to leave and resign, I advices others who I closer with to not get influence by them. If they want to go, just let them go. But at the end, my manager thought I was one of them whom influenced other to have a 'mass resign'. I really couldnt take it at that time, I even told my manager 'Yeah, everyone know that I'm best friend with her, and I know she want to leave this company, but DOENST mean that I will follow, I know what I'm doing, doesnt mean that my colleague go, then i will follow!' I was really pissed off at that time.

3 of my colleagues received a letter stating that their probation being extended for 3 months and it happened 2 of them are the closest colleagues of mine. So, the conclusion, my life wont be as smooth as normal. To make things even worst, there is a complaint queen (*bitch) in the office who always complaint everything to my bias manager. Sometimes I really dont know how she can become a manager with her lack of managerial leadership skills *sigh....

Today I received a call from my colleague said that the bitch doenst feel happy, the bitch say 'Sue said something behind my back, this morning Sue whispering to Risha and I'm not stupid, I know they are talking bad thing about me, I can listen to it!'

Then my colleague told me everything, actually she just want to clarify with me since we are really close and she want to know what and why I said something behind that bitch!

I was really pissed, some more I just woke up and damn tired bcoz of stupid night shift and I have few more nights to go. I was so angry coz I never said anything about her, I dont even remember when and what whispering that I did to Risha, unless I got short term memory!!! I got better thing to do rather than talk about that bitch, OK! Fucking idiot how dare she pinpoint me said something bad about her. The worst part, I'm sure she already complaint it to my brainless manager. I really feel like calling that bitch 'stop assuming and just shut your fucking mounth!'. But I dont want to drag my colleague who told me everything, inside this stupid incident.

Sorry to my colleague, I didnt mean to scream and curse on her on the phone. She said that she shouldnt tell me if she knew I would this piss. Of course I piss, how would you feel if people pinpoint you on something that you never do! Tell me about it man!!!!!

I really tried not yo get in deep relationship with anyone in the office since all the politics are created. My colleague told me 'Sue, do you know that being the good one not always be appreciated?' I know, I dont need your appreciation, just leave me alone and dont push my limit! If I never do it, its mean i never do it, dont simply pinpoint other and I'm sure none of human being with brain and feeling like to be pinpointed!!!

I decided will bring this issue to the head of HR next week. I dont even bother to talk to my manager. I really cant survive if this thing keep on coming.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Miserable Night Shift

My night now turn to a miserable shift. It is ok without pedi-mani, watching dvc, or browsing Internet, but without SLEPPING..... it is too much *sob....

New regulations from the manager, for night shifters and weekend shifters, every half-hourly has to send her email stating what we did for the past half an hour. Can you imagine, every half hourly!!!!!!!!

Last night was the first night the rule has been implemented and that was my shift, freaking shit right! and I still have 6 more night shifts until end of this months. We (me and my colleague) can only resting and try to remind each other to send out the emails. *sigh.... what a nightmare.

All of them make fun of my eyes, "Su, poor your new eyes!'. Exactly, poor my eyes!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Eye Surgery

Well, I did it =)

I wasn't that brave though, I was really scare. Even though I felt nothing during the surgery because of the anaesthetic effect but I knew what the doc did to my eye; I could hear the cutting sound (tsek tsek tsek) when the doc cut my upper eye skin. The sound exactly just like when you cutting a paper. I smelt some burning at the end of the operation, I guess the doc was using kind of laser thing (not really sure and forgot to ask the doc after that).

This was my eye before the surgery. I sent this pic to the doc before surgery for consultation. When the D day, the doc told me that the puffy eyes are not only contain of fats, it might because of excess skin or the eyes' texture itself.

Then without any big preparation, the nurse lead me to the operation room and start inject the anaesthetic. It was hurt though, 3 times for each eye. The surgery process I think only took 30 minutes, but if including anaesthetic and rest after surgery, it took around an hour. Fast yah!

I didnt feel pain at all after surgery just a bit giddy, I still in shock may be hahahha. Then after that, we went to grocery store near our house and went to buy Dunkin Donuts. Jae's insisted that Korea's Dunkin is better. On the way home, we still stop for some snack hahahha.

This was my eye condition right after the surgery, really not painful but abit hard to open my eye. On the first day itself, after rested for few hours, we went out for night shopping and reached home around 2 am. I know it was bad for my eye =(

So, for the first few days i have to put either ices or cool eye pad on to my eye. Most of the time they would make fun of me and took picture on it. This pic look like chicken little with goggle hahahha.

Then the rest you can see the discovering process from day to day. The second day after surgery we directly went for a tour to Jeju and Busan due to time constraint hehehehe. Hantam trus deh!!!

2nd Day in Jeju, during tour (look like monster eh!)

3rd Day in Jeju, during tour

4th Day in Busan, after The Hot Spring Spa

5th Day in the train, way back to Seoul and also the day I have to go back to the doc to take out the stitches.

6th Day, no more stitches

7th Day, on the flight to Hongkong

8th Day, I believe this was like 90% recovery =) Yeay...

I do really recommend this doctor (no commission though hehehe). If someone interested, you can email the doctor directly and this is the website ( My doc is Dr Park, with curly broccoli hair hahaha.

And this website,, was the one I found out in the internet about the surgery process.

So, after everything, I still cant believe that I did it hahaha. I think this was the craziest thing that I ever decided to do after a tattoo 3 years back =)