Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Decide Now!!!

Change Job?
- Love Citi as much as hate the boss.

Move Out?
- Where? With who? * sigh....

My wish list:
- Stay with Citi but transfer to other department, nice boss, nice colleagues. Want to join HR-Recruitment department if I have given a chance.
- Move out find nearer location with office. Morning shift is alright, but come to afternoon shift, it is freaking crazy. Chasing the last train and running from the office to the MRT station. Really a nightmare!

Please fulfill one of my wish!
Either one will do.....

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shame on Myself....

I hold the letter...
One sincere apology from stranger, it changed my decision...
Shame on me....

I HATE her, really dont how long I can bare with it.
Do I need the job? YES
Do I need the pay? Yes
Can I work with the colleagues? YES
Can I face my boss? Hell NO
Do I want to see her owl face? Ohhh God, please send her back to her "world"

Cant even want to see her face, how to work under her.... ohh Hell!!!!
Belle, if your read this.... "Fucking Biatchh" is too nice for her....

Shame on me.... *sigh.....

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Meet my end, again!!!

That's it now.
I do hate myself on the decision, but I love myself most of the time.

My tolerance level is very low. My pride is too high.
The only way to solve it is to be PATIENT, instead, I choose to END it.

I was hurt, tired and still HATE her so much.

I have no plan, i just want to leave that place, its been year and half and I never have a glad feeling towards her, instead my hate feeling toward her is growing. I'm going to kill myself first before she died.

These two days is just like hell!
The frustration, anger, depression and confusion are there.
Keep telling myself cool down, try to think in lateral way.
What the hell, I dont even know what is Lateral thinking.

I know I have made a wrong decision in this time, but I just want to end it!