Monday, March 30, 2009

I Dont Care

Ego's, self-center, naif, heartless, whatever you wanna call me, I dont care.
JUST LEAVE me alone, dont come to me and pour all your 'huge' non senses problem to me, I cant help and I really cant be bother. For heaven sake, it is not my problem, just dont tell me! not only cant help you, it affect my life, my thinking, my feeling, everything man!

I'm not as good listener as old time, I'm not friendly anymore, I dont care your problem, I cant laugh at your lame joke anymore, I cant talk to you or answer your phone after working hours, i just cant bring all of your non sense thing back home with me and affect my personal life. I got life DUDE! I got my own pressure. If you're depressed, it doenst mean I'm stress free. Just dont drag your problem to my life, I had have it ENOUGH!

Sorry If I was rude, but please dont come to me, I cant help you all anymore, I cant even help myself, I'm stuck with all of my unplanned future.

Please dont come to me.......