Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year - New House - New Housemate

I never appreciate time so much, but I do now!

In a month,
- Found 2 bedroom flat, viewed with mum, confirmed at the same day, signed contract the next day.
- Posted ads "looking for female housemate who willing to share EVERYTHING with me"
- No replied as the unit too exp and empty aka no furnish!
- Changed plan "master room for rent, fully furnish, female working professional"
- A lot of agents called, so I added "NO AGENT!!"
- A lot of couples called also, as I replied "the owner only allowed 2 person to stay including me" B***S*** lah....
- Finally, mid nite, sms came in, a stewardess showing some interest with the house
- Geezzz 4 am woke up read the sms, couldnt sleep until morning, worry and happy mix the feeling up!
- 7:30 am replied her back, as she called immediately.
- 8:00 am deal (with final confirmation after view the house), with a bad negotiation skills, I agreed she paid $900 per month including everything as she convinced me she wont be at home so often and hardly use AC due to health or habit problem.
- Well, not sure is a good deal or bad, as I provided all the furniture and will pay for all bills
- Put aside my housemate matter, SHOPPING time.
- Get $100 TV with 5 years old, thanks to Abho who acc me to pick it up
- $300 for fridge and washing machine, both just new born as 5 months used
- New born 3 door wardrobe from Carrefour $100
- Bed frame from IKEA, one for me, one for her (I love mine, so i spent abit more on mine and spent less for her hihihi)
- IKEA: Dining table set, mirror, table for each room, bookshelf for me, and more small tiny things (uncontrollable shopping once you stepped inside IKEA)
- Subscribed tv Cable and internet for $41 per month
-Everything done in less than a month.
- Now, packing + throwing + giving away

Tire but fulfilling. I was quite amased on myself.
Read it before "be thankful if you are tired by the end of the day, you have done alot!"
Now i know how it feel LOL..........

- Jan 2 is moving day, IKEA + Carrefour delivery day, chaotic.... cant imagine the house
- Yes, exciting, very indeed! But kinda sad living my room, the maid, aunty....
- But it will be better in the new place, I guess.

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Herrotzky said...

asikkkkkkkkk ada tempat tumpangan!!!... congrats ya Sur!!! Akhirnya dapet roommie jg... en you've done a lot too... Happy New Year btw...