Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Secret Keeper

I dont ask for it may be I shouldnt know about it.

When people told a secret, should I proud of myself by being the most trustable person in the world or should I hate that person by putting more burden into my life?

Both, yes, I did feel both way. Sometimes I might feel "Wow, they trust me so much till this kind of secret also tell me!" But sometimes "I dont feel like knowing all that nonsense, its non of my business."

The good thing by being a Secret keeper:
1. You know the most update gossip, yeah fresh from oven, faster than CNN.
2. Most of the times, you will amaze by the fact that you would never think of it.
3. Proud! As people trust me and they come to me for advice.
4. Know the whole story as both parties come and tell you from each of their point of view. (Most of the times I was surprise on myself on how wise the advice that I gave to both parties *wink =)

But the drawback:
1. Affected my emotion most of the times. The secrets become part of my problem after that.
2. It hurt so much when the secret is related to ME! I wish to never know about it.
3. Being hate by the "secret teller's" best friend as the best friend thought I took away their friendship. As the "secret teller" told me everything, now I become the new best friend of the "secret teller". What the..... Primary school scandal eh!

I'm so thankful that they trusted me so much, really appreicate it. But honestly, sometimes truths hurt.

I rather not to know how much you or others get the bonus or increment.
Before I knew it, I felt proud of myself, my performance and my rewards.
After you told me everything, I feel real stupid. The truth just run around my head and it hurts me so much.

It hurts when other side of people think I cant be trusted and people have to be careful with me.
I never asked for it, people come and tell me by themselves, then what you want me to do? Tell me what you want me to do!
You just jealous because no one trusted YOU, no one come to tell you the story, PATHETIC of you!

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Anonymous said...

*hugs* hope things are well... we should meet up soon... i miss having good food with my G and S! =)))) - C