Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Tragedy

I forgot when was the last time i felt so sick *sigh...

Starting Thursday last week, whole body was aching, head spinning, eyes burning. Took an MC then.
Called boss "morning Intan, I need to take MC, I'm not feeling well"
Silent for few seconds.....
Boss "I thought you are suppose to work morning shift for today?"
Me "Yes, I'm in the office now and i just went to the doctor"
Boss "Ok, take care, bye"
Me "Bye".... (My Boss DAMN cool isnt it!)

Friday went back to work with giddiness because of the medication consumption.

Saturday feeling better, went out movie with Eve, have a Sprite without ice (I thought it might be OK! NO... hell). Saturday night, i was starting losing my voice. Sunday morning, worst, the voice really gone. But still have to go Jen's chinese new year open house.
Nice house, plenty of food. But I didnt eat those 'heaty' stuffs, I drunk plain water for whole day, i drunk 'cheng teng' her mom's made.
Sunday night, worst. My throat was very itchy, I was coughing, coughing and coughing. I felt like my lung was coming out from my mouth.

Monday morning, time to prepare to work for afternoon shift. Felt like dying, couldnt sleep whole night, heavy head, i just realize that I couldnt taste and smell thing.
I went to doctor at 12 PM, accompanied by Elaine and Eve, the Doctor gave me 2 days MC, he insisted I go back home and rest.
Happy and scare at the same time. How to talk to my boss?

Went back to office very early at 1 PM. After settled everything in my seat, I walked to her.
Me "Intan, I need to take MC" (my voice was shaking, I knew i will cry, argh......)
Boss " You need to scan it" she looked at my face and "What happen to you?"
Me - My tear was pouring down my cheek
Boss "What happen Sue?"
Me - Directly walked to the empty sea beside her, as I pai se, alot of people walking pass by.
Me - Still cant say anything, just kept shaking my head, the tear just cant stop.
Boss (freak out) "Sue, what happen, are you ok? Is it personal problem?"
Me "sob sob sob, no... no... I just I just...."
Boss (impatiently) "What?"
Me "I just tend to cry when I'm sick"
Boss "Oh my god, what the hell are you crying"
Me - Si be pai se
Boss "Ok, tell me what happen? you was sick last thursday and you were ok on friday right?"

Then I told her bla bla bla, of course skipping the saturday movie and sunday Jen's house.

Boss "ok ok, now you just go back home and rest, what the hell are you crying for, hehehehe" (awkwardly laugh).

Me, walked back to my seat and clean my nose, which almost run down from my nose.
When I cleaned my mucus, there were blood, now this is really WHAT THE HELL!
Eve "gila su, panas banget lu berarti"
Me "nga apa2 eve nih, serem gitu ada darahnya"
Eve "nga apa apa, aku juga perna begitu, panas dalam itu"

Gosh... why i cried... really look STUPID!
I think I was so sick and so scare at that time. Am I exaggerating here? *sigh.... bego bego, memalukan.

On the way home, i think my boss still freak out, she texted me "Sue, I noticed you got 2 days MC, so I will see you on Wed, take care"
Me, need to clear the crying thingy now, and reply "Thanks, I'm so sorry, I tend to cry when I'm sick, I just feel homesick. So sorry"
She replied "Poor girl, just get your SG friends to cheer you up then"
Me - never replied the sms, and hmnnnn my boss got abit heart too.

But still, very pai se... I hope no one saw me crying, I mean those from non our department.


FumiZuki said...

It's not physically ill only... but mentally as well hence the tears flew...

Get well soon babe both physically and mentally; dont let boredom, hatred, "sien-ness" consume your health and mind ok?

I know words are easier than action; but if those thought and feelings starting to take away your health, it is not good....

Belly said...

hey babeeee... never thought u can be so drama-mama ah... ;) but hope u r feeling better.. let's catch up soon with our usual partners-in-crime! =)) take care... love love.