Sunday, May 9, 2010

28 now...

What does that mean?

It means getting older, should behave more mature, think wisely, stop whining, eat healthily and exercise more =)

I had complain about my life so badly, but when I read and watched the news, I feel sorry and shame on myself.
How could I, how could I so selfish!
People out there lost their family, house, life and me... me... still complain my life is tough!

Sometimes I wonder, is any one out there also lost and look for direction?
Have they found it? How they found it?

Some people say " dont be stress out, just wait, continue do whatever you are doing now "
But this is my life, how can I continue doing it when I didnt see future on it and I'm not happy doing it? I cant wait and keep waiting, I almost rotten here.
3 more weeks, yes, after that maybe I will feel 'thats it!' but am I really happy? So far, no sense of happiness.

Anyway... thanks for all beautiful people who came over this weekend to celebrate my bday. I really appreciate it. Muach muach muach for all of you =)

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